Brief Catch-Up for November and December

Well, we’ve been rather busy the last few months. In November we did a whirlwind tour of the Eastern States (in Oz), spending about 3-4 days in any given place and then racing off to the next one (see pics from the QLD bit, Port MacQuarie bit, the Sydney bit or just browse the whole lot – actually, that’s still not all the photos). We had a total of 12 days in Australia, so please don’t get offended if you weren’t one of the people we managed to catch up with!

The point of the trip was for Bronwyn’s Wedding, which was lovely even if you can’t tell that from our awful photos.

We got back to Europe and found lots and lots of snow everywhere but our house. We’ve still only seen a tiny bit here this year.

December has been mainly quiet, although we did head to the Space Museum in Toulouse for a day and a visitor (Tets!) from Australia for a couple of days. We also squished in some concerts and carolling in there.

The Space museum was awesome, but you don’t need me to tell you that.

With Tets, we did some rather interesting sight-seeing. 🙂

Here’s a highlight from the Christmas concert:

So, that was the end of 2010. I still haven’t finished uploading all the photos (or explained what we’ve been up to for most of the year), but feel free to browse through what is in the 2010 set and get a feel for what we’ve been doing. Happy New Year!


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