He talks and talks and talks!

In the past week Blaise has really ramped up the chattiness. He’s started saying “Yeah”, “Tiens”, “Delicious”, and “Thanks” amongst other things. He surprised me with three new words in one day, but now I can’t think what they were.

He also squeals and squeaks at things on the TV and is ever more obsessed with his cars. He dances lots and kisses properly now (instead of just putting his face near you and hoping that works).

Little chocolate face is being adorable over breakfast.



Gwen’s her usual mischievous self. She’s been getting really good at puzzles lately and absolutely LOVES drawing. She even tried some writing the other day – she said she wrote “Blaise” and she actually made a few decent letters (G was particularly good).

Gwen’s making lots of new friends at school. She likes Alexandre, Louison, Simon, Valentine, Wissan, Lilia and a bunch of lovely girls I don’t know the names of yet. I might put some pictures from Gwen’s school up on Flickr soon. You’ll have to log in to see them though, sorry. I won’t make them public. It’s hard to believe she’s only been at school three months. She loves it and it’s all second nature now. Her French is improving too.



Most of our evening walks are at sunset now, so there are a lot of great sunset pictures in my collection. As Gwen likes telling me, “It’s beautiful maman! Take a photo!”.





Not a lot more to add. It’s getting colder, but is still surprisingly warm for the end of November. Bruce still works too much, but he’s not out on the road too often. He went to Belgium for a conference a while back, though!

I’m busy with work and singing, as usual. No change, really. 🙂

Both kids are speed demons and love going fast on our bikes or in the pram. They love their own bikes too, but FAST is important.









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