Our European adventure now begins with France

So, just like that, plans change. It turns out that Sentek (Bruce’s company) really would like us to live a little more central in Europe. So, we thought it through and have decided to head to France.

Luckily, I (Ange) have a teensy headstart on the language, having written a handful of awful assignments in French during high school. We’ve quickly found some French lessons and are madly learning French in any spare moment we get.

We now have only 5.5 months until we’re due to leave, so any useful information on France will be much appreciated!

PS. I know we recently posted many of you a note which still said “Finland” on it, but my boss had kindly let me print those just before everything changed. It still told you about our plans to leave early and it got you to this website. So, now you’re all up to date. 🙂

PPS. We’ll still get to Finland/Sweden for holidays and we may even still move there one day.

We’ll be leaving Australia in late November

Plans to move to Finland are rapidly progressing, with our departure date now moved to late November/early December. This is because Bruce has been asked to take on the European Regional Manager role for Sentek (the place he’s currently working for) and we will need to get established in Europe a little earlier so he can get started with the job. It’s not set in stone yet, but we need to be ready just in case.

So, it looks like as of about January 2009 we’ll be happy to take in visitors if you want to travel to Finland.

Plans to Move to Finland

Bruce and I are going to move to Åland, Finland in about March 2009. The main language there is Swedish, not Finnish.. so we need to learn Swedish before we go.

Åland is really cool. They seem to have lots of cycling, canoeing, kayaking and festivals. The festival I’m most interested in is Rockoff which actually headlined with Lordi in 2006. How cool would it be to run a festival with Eurovision winners headlining?!? *drools*

If you look at the map below, Åland is the island in the south west. Well, I say “island” when what I really mean is “about a million little islands”.

We’ve been doing virtual tours of Finland and finding out about hiking trails through bear country, scooter safaris, week long bike tours and horse riding tours. It’s just so cool!!

Oh. And they have a Moominworld. That rocks.

Wow. We just found a flickr group for Åland and did a bit of a flickr slideshow tour. This place is gorgeous.

Gorgeous stuff:

We also found some funny stuff:

We have also learned that Mariehamn seems to be a pretty popular port for big tourist ocean liners. Why that wasn’t mentioned in any of the tourist info I read I have no idea.

Whee! Vikings!

I’m searching Flickr for pictures of Åland so I know more about the place Bruce and I are planning to live. Oh, and maybe I’m trying to convince you guys to come visit us. *is sneaky*

Bloody gorgeous! I am really looking forward to this. 🙂