Gwendolyn Alcorn

The best pictures of Gwen will be collected on Flickr here, photos of Gwen’s favourite things are here, while our favourite Alcorn family pictures will be collecting here.

In fact, we’ve made it easier now and collected all of the sets of Gwen’s photos and videos here.

Born October 2011
Gwendolyn Alcorn was born weighing 3kg. See photos of Gwendolyn’s first week here.

This photo was taken when she was about 15 minutes old – her first photo!

In Gwen’s first year, she liked her play mat, the bouncy thing that hangs from a doorway, soft toys, her bouncy chair, the bumbo, the ergo & bjorn carriers, dogs, cats, her winkel and other cool toys. She also found that she loved eating bread, cucumber and broccoli.

Gwen regularly uses several signs to tell us what she wants: milk, nappy change, more, finished, book, and a partially self-invented sign pointing at her teeth when she is teething.

One Year Old, 2012

At about one, Gwen started to walk, got given some In The Night Garden DVDs, started really loving bathtime, could not get enough of her books, began crèche, got a bike, and lots more. She’s become a little fussier about food, but still loves cucumber, bread, yoghurt, compote and banana. She loves dancing to music and clapping when she hears applause. She also really loves her table and chair, toy telephones, real smartphones and tablets, pull-along toys, balls, tower-building toys, big lego, puzzles, her soft toys and the more interesting rattles. She also loves taking walks outside, going to the park, the baby music group, hanging out at the library, sitting in her new car seat, and playing with hats and gloves.

Gwen’s also going to get given a special baby doll at the hospital after she meets her new sibling, so we get two new babies in the house.

Gwen has added a few new signs to her repertoire, but most notably she made up a sign for “In The Night Garden”, which involves her moving her finger in a circle on her other palm.

At 15 months she started to speak real words regularly: Thankyou (sounds like ‘dankoo’), shoes (which is a word that covers all footwear), up, wow, ball and ooof (being the sound you make when you’re nearly 8 months pregnant and trying to lift a 15 month old kid). She also says mama, but we’re still don’t know for sure if she knows what it means or if she’s just babbling.




Two Year Old, 2013

Gwen's 2nd Birthday!

When Gwen turned two, she was a mad fan of Dora, Charlie & Lola, Peter Rabbit, Mickey in the Night Kitchen, Mike the Knight, Abney & Teal, Sarah & Duck, playing catch, counting, reading (recalling the stories), dancing, walks around the neighbourhood, emus, rabbits, monkeys, dogs, cats, music, guitars, xylophone, drums, crèche, being outside, cubby houses, sandpits, balloons, backpacks, grandparents, great-grandparents, tutus, shoes (especially big ones), socks, batman, the Nighty-Night app, Goodnight Moon, Moomins, bouncy toys to sit on, taking wrapping paper off presents, ice cream, yoghurt, green vegetables, tomatoes, cucumber, garlic cream cheese, brioche, choquettes, pain au lait, bathtime, her red pirate cat towel, hats, other kids, bike rides, drawing, puzzles, towers, going to the potty, and most of all, Blaise.

She thinks Blaise is awesome, but she is often confused as to his abilities. She will give him fruit and throw balls to him, then wonder why he doesn’t seem to care or say thanks.





At two and a half, Gwen still loves most of the above things, but has added donuts, croissants, Melody, Room on the Broom, Lion in the Meadow, flashcards, playing cards, pop up books (because Blaise likes them), bike rides, the library, dinosaurs, Dinopaws, Sesame Street, tea parties, dress-ups, ink stamps, train sets, Thomas the tank engine, Pocoyo, cheese, tomato sauce, and sausages. She’s getting really good at singing: she has good pitch on quite a few songs, she makes up verses to her favourite songs and she randomly pipes up with French songs from creche that we may or may not know. She also recites her favourite books. She is at creche two mornings and three afternoons a week and she loves it. There are three friends in particular that she talks about all the time, two girls and a boy. She also loves drawing, but the walls have suffered enough and she only gets very limited access to implements now.







Playing cards with Papa

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