Hall of fame

We thought we’d dedicate a page to the wonderful people who have made the effort to come visit us in France. Hopefully this will fill up steadily over time (so that we need to use thumbnail pics).

If you want to join the hall of fame, take a look at how to get here and visit us. 🙂

2009 Visitors

Tim & Anna drove through the South of France over Easter 2009, stopping by our place for a night.

Jen flew by in June 2009 while touring Europe at high speed.

Ed & Gail almost collided, travelling separately at high speed all over Europe they both managed to visit briefly in September 2009 two nights apart.

2009 Honourable Mentions

Jason got as far as Paris in May 2009 and did touristy stuff with us for a couple of days.

Everyone we met up with on our England Trip in June 2009: Richie & Hilary, the geeks at Bletchley, Craig, Jen (& Jen’s lovely friends) & Michelle.

2010 Visitors

2010 started with a visit in January from Lillie and Tim. Sadly, we had recently broken our camera and didn’t get any photos of them while they were here.

In April 2010, Michelle stopped by on her way to Morocco. She almost got stuck here, thanks to French train strikes. I’m slack and haven’t put our photos of her visit online yet, but Michelle’s are here.

Michael swung by in June 2010 at the same time as a couch-surfer Arnaud (who was rollerblading between Toulouse and Bordeaux via the canal).

Eric and Juliet (also couch-surfers) dropped in with their adorable kitten in July during their bicycle trek across France.

Christmas 2010 was spent with Tets here, which involved some very silly tourism. Craig would have been here too, but that plan failed thanks to snow in London, which England seems surprisingly unprepared for.

2011 Visitors

In 2011, our visiting year started in February with Emma being told to leave England for a while. Great excuse for Emma to visit France, we think. 🙂

An honorable mention goes to the people who met Ange in London in May for a whirlwind afternoon’s catch-up: Jason, Craig, Emma and Johnny.

Chris was in Spain in July 2011 and decided to hire a sports car so he could visit us.

Tim & Tracy stopped by in September 2011 while Ange was very pregnant.

Mum & Ian dropped in a few weeks after Gwendolyn was born in November 2011.

Daniel stopped by a month after Gwen was born at the end of November 2011.

Honourary mentions go to Richard and Hilary for getting to France and meeting us in Tautavel just after Christmas 2011. Not sure if they’d like a picture shown here, so here’s one of Bruce and Gwen while we were in Tautavel.

Another honourary mention goes to Victoria who also made it to France, but I didn’t get any photos of her visit!

2012 Visitors

In April 2012 Jayne, Tony & Felix dropped by to enjoy some French rain.

We also caught up with Patricia and Alan for lunch while they were in France briefly.

Ange’s Mum & Ian visiting in October/November on either side of walking the Camino de Santiago.

2013 Visitors

In late 2013 we got a visit from Ange’s Mum and Nana, which meant we could get a photo of four generations of girls, which was pretty cool.


Honorable mention: After Christmas we made a quick trip to Tautavel again to see Richard and Hilary and the gang, who had come to France from Germany.

Fortress de Salses

2014 Visitors
January 2014 we got a visit from Jen, just before she left the UK for Australia again.

Jen in France

2 thoughts on “Hall of fame”

  1. I must visit, I must visit…ok maybe a goal for 2011… =|

    It’s disgraceful really. I’ve been to Paris twice this year, and will be heading up a third time for Christmas, yet STILL haven’t made it to Agen. Hey can’t we sort out some sort of a dislocated AICSA reunion?

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